City/State/Government Agency

  • Austin Federal Courthouse, Austin, Texas. Roofing and Waterproofing Peer Review, Construction Phase Submittal Review, Water Testing and Observations
  • Caldwell County, Roof Replacement & Remediation, 10 Facilities, Lockhart, TX
  • City of Austin Glen Bell Service Center, Austin, TX
  • City of Austin Govalle Wastewater Treatment Plant, Austin, TX
  • Renovation of the Post Office and Courthouse, San Antonio, Texas, General Services Administration (GSA). Roofing and exterior wall remediation peer review and limited construction phase services.
  • Texas Governor’s Mansion, Austin, Texas. Roofing Peer Review, Construction Phase Submittal Review, Observations, and RFI assistance.
  • Texas Military Facilities Commission, San Antonio Armory No. 1, San Antonio, Texas.